USB Signal Generator

USB Signal Generator - FAQ





Q1: The output connector of SG01 Signal Generator is SMA, how can we use BNC cable to connect the Signal Generator?

A: The output connector of SG01 Signal Generator is 50ohm SMA female. If you use BNC cable, we'd like to provide SMA male to BNC female adapter for free.


Q2: Does SG01 Singal Generator need external reference clock? If no, can we connect one?

A: SG01 Signal Generator has internal 12MHz reference clock and there is a reference clock output. No need external reference clock or reference frequency, and no port for external clock input


Q3: Output Signal harmonic is -10dBc. How to increase harmonic suppression?

A: SG01 Signal Generator is synthesized signal generator. Main harmonic is 3rd order harmonic, which is -10dBc to the signal frequency. If you want more harmonic suppression, you need low pass filter to lower the harmonic level.


Q4: Does SG01 USB signal Generator work with Windows 10?

A: SG01 software has been tested on Windows XP 32bit and 64bit, Windows Vista 64bit, Windows 7 32bit and 64bit, Windows 10 32bit and 64bit. For Windows 10 users, please download and install DotNET Framework 3.5 from Microsoft website.




Q5: What's the difference between SG01 and SG01B?

A: The difference is only the enclosure and data CD. SG01B and SG01 have the same specification and the same software. The programs written for SG01 can be used on SG01B.


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